Eureka Golf is a design, consulting, research, data analytics and communications company committed to mitigating climate change through golf. To achieve this, the company arranges and takes on research projects, in addition to developing its own solutions to help golf optimize its footprint.

Carbon Par

Carbon Par is a scientific research project which includes the use of golf courses to collect data and produce new knowledge on carbon sequestration in turf, to be transferred onto other areas of managed turfgrass, such as sports fields, private lawns, public parks, road verges, highway medians and airports.

Golf Shot Forecasting

Combining new ball launch monitoring technology and aerospace engineering, we can assess safety risk from errant golf shots and intelligently minimize mowing, irrigation and fertilizer footprints by applying our own extensive golf shot database to any combination of wind, temperature, altitude, topography and golfer demographics.

The Company and Founder

Eureka Golf was established in 2002 and is led by Edwin Roald, an Icelandic-born golf architect, public speaker, writer and author of, a revolutionary concept that has enjoyed increased following since its inception in 2008. Edwin is a member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects, EIGCA, where he is also a former board member and Sustainability Committee chairman. He serves on the board of STERF, The Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environmental Research Foundation, and is an accredited verifier for the GEO Certified Operations ecolabel.


Why 18 holes?

Learn from Eureka Golf's founder, Edwin Roald, how reconsidering golf's 18-hole principle can help struggling golf facilities and catapult the game into the future.


Death of the Driving Range

How smart ranges are bound to replace today's resource-demanding driving ranges, revolutionizing golf's land-use and appeal to a new generation. Click on image to visit.

by Edwin Roald