Golf Shot Forecasting

Eureka Golf has developed its own industry leading database and algorithms, which make us uniquely qualified to produce golf shot distribution forecasts on any golf course or hole, whether it has been built or not. This technology is in a category all by itself when it comes to:

We have built up a vast database of golf shots that have been played by golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to touring professionals. Each shot is played in presence of one of our team members, for authenticity, and measured with carefully chosen, industry-leading golf shot launch monitors that detect more than twenty different elements of each shot, including ball speed, launch angle and spin.

Our algorithms can then apply this information to any location, golf course or golf hole, by calculating the effect of wind, temperature, altitude and elevation change on the shots in our database. Considering the seasonal frequency of different wind speeds and directions, we can simulate years of play on the course, predict exactly where balls are likely to go and deliver a wealth of data that defines competitive advantage.

Since we know the gender, age and skill, or handicap index, behind all shots in our database, we can adjust our calculations to match the customer demographics of a particular golf facility, if they are known. If not, we can assume them based on our own research, both past and ongoing.